How To Compose A Research Paper Summary: The Main Do's And Don'ts

A summary is an extract or let us say a mini version of your paper. It shows what is included in the body of your paper in a precise manner. When writing a paper, you should complete the paper first and then move to write the summary. This section does not entertain any new ideas and should only list down all the major points you have presented in the body of your paper. A summary of a research paper is more like a conclusion of an essay where you sum up everything you have discussed before.

What you should do in order to write a great summary

  1. Divide your summary into sections like your research paper. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction presents your ideas while the body restates your major points from the document. The conclusion is one or two sentence long where you show the main emphasis of your paper
  2. It is better to have your paper in sections or chapters so that you can skim through them and give relevant importance to each in your summary
  3. The order of the ideas must follow a logic because this will be easy for your readers to understand

What you should not do in order to write a summary

  1. Never start writing the summary of your paper before your work is complete. It is a precise extract of what you have already written so you cannot write it before completing the paper. You will miss certain sections and important points that you find with search. Always leave this for the end so it follows the overall paper
  2. Do not change the direction of your paper in the conclusion. You should only sum up what you have mentioned in the body of the paper in the same way where your paper was pointing. This is not a place to surprise your readers but compliment with the rest of the reading
  3. The last thing you want to do is show new ideas in this section. You do not have the flexibility to do this because it will only create confusion for your readers
  4. Never give all the information in the summary because this way the reader will not have any curiosity and would not want to read your complete paper. Only writer what is enough to build their interest