Writing Ideas For Masters Dissertation: Title Examples To Inspire You

Writing a masters dissertation takes up months or years of the student's life. In order to stay interested in this writing project, students must be able to have a topic that they actually care about. If the student dislikes their topic, then completing each assignment will feel like a never-ending chore. For some advice on masters dissertation titles and tips, read through the following list of title examples.

Inspiring Masters Dissertation Titles

  1. What role did Ayn Rand have on the formation of the modern conservative movement? Why was she disavowed by the conservative establishment in the 1960s?
  2. What is the history of vaccinations? Why did the government force immigrants in New York City to get vaccinations about a century ago, but are unable to force this issue today?
  3. How can tissue culturing plants lower the costs of running a greenhouse operation?
  4. In Iran, organ donors can be paid for their donation, so there are very few issues with finding a kidney donor. In the United States, donors cannot be paid and the waiting list for kidneys is years long. What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of paying organ donors for their organs?
  5. In what ways did George Orwell predict the modern surveillance society?
  6. Modern historians realize that the Cuban Missile Crisis actually involved backdoor diplomacy rather than staring the Soviets down without blinking. What impact has this conflict resolution had on the way that modern Americans expect their leaders to deal with conflicts?
  7. In what ways was Adam Smith more of a socialist than a capitalist, according to modern definitions?
  8. How can auxin be used to stimulate plant growth? What impact does it have on root formation?
  9. Compare Taiwan and the United States in terms of their nuclear disposal sites. What are the implications of their techniques for dealing with this global problem?
  10. What are some of the laws and public policies that are in place to counteract cyber bullying? What else could be done to stop this trend?
  11. China possesses a system similar to the alphabet that students use while they are learning Chinese characters. If every Chinese adult already knows an alphabetic system, why does China insist on keeping the ancient form of characters?
  12. What are the social and cultural implications of machismo in Hispanic societies?
  13. What would be the economic implications of forgiving all student loans and providing a free college education to everyone who wants it?