List Of Interesting Term Paper Topics Related To Technology

Technology is the defining aspect of this age of humanity. We have reshaped the world and progress is being made at a breakneck speed in all sorts of fields. Human endeavor in a multitude of disciplines is powered by ever evolving technology and keeping up with all the changes can be quite a difficult task for the layman. But, keep up we must, as anyone who does not keep up is easily left behind in life.

If you are looking for interesting term paper topics related to technology, you are in luck because we have some great topics for you to sink your teeth into. Read on, discover and get your creative juices flowing:

  • Describe Nano technology, its origins and use. Discuss implications for medical science.
  • Green energy and its implications for the betterment of the environment. Is the cost of green energy production really worth the effort?
  • Tesla’s Giga Factory: what is the environmental impact of the creation of large battery factories and are they worth it to save the wider environment?
  • Discuss the role of information technology in the improvement of our day to day life.
  • Discuss the role of information technology in the disruption of healthy activities such as exercise.
  • Discuss the role of information technology in the improvement of health related activities such as exercise.
  • Discuss the role of social media in the marginalization of at risk teens. Do social media have a causal link to the increase in the incidence of mental illness and depression in teens?
  • Discuss the role of tablets in the consumer electronics market. Will tablets ever really replace laptops as the go to device for work at home?
  • Discuss the success, or otherwise, of the various form factors of smartphones that manufacturers keep coming up with; for instance, the phablet.
  • What are the main differences between iOS, Android and Windows Phone? Which one has the most refined latest iteration?
  • How do technology “wearables”, such as smartwatches and fit bands affect tech manufacturers’ sales?
  • Examine the impact of workplace policies like “Bring Your Own Device” on large business technology providers like IBM, and the implications for their future.
  • Discuss the role of technology in warfare. Are we going towards an ever more dangerous future because of more lethal weapons or are we going towards a more secure future owing to more precise weapons?
  • Robocop: will independent, mechanized dispensers of justice ever roam our streets? Discuss.