Writing Tips For Students: The Parts Of A Good Term Paper

As a college student, you are bound to come across the fastidiousness of a term paper. It is slated to be finished over a semester, but frankly does not take that much time, if followed seriously. Yes, you should be aware of the functional mechanism.

The various parts

Now, the paper has an Abstract, Introduction, Method; Analysis/Results and Discussion. These, then, are your main concerns. You should preferably go through eminent pieces of all parts to get a visible idea of hoe each segment should be crafted. Interestingly, all segments have their own importance and quality of no segment can be compromised in any way.

Broad to specific

As a writer, you should first visualize the broad topic and proceed to streamline it to specific scopes. Accordingly, you create the Methodology which may strengthen the core of your paper. The analysis and conclusion/discussion are fall-outs and cannot be planned from before.

Invest labor

To create a good paper, you should go for laborious sampling and not restrict yourself to quota or random sampling. It is better to pick up responses from three or four societies than to pip findings from one society with the general assumption from others.

Be acute

You should be crisp and precise with the abstract; showing your authority on the topic and clearly envisaging how specifically you have set your goals from the paper. Your analysis should mirror that feeling and be acute but effective.

Sequential take

Your writing style, your allocation of points and emphasis should all grow from strength to strength. You cannot afford to take the anticlimactic line. There is a greater rapture in climbing the mountain than falling from it.

A fervent discussion

You should pen the discussion segment by assimilating the previous segments. You also have to create a thorough defense as to why you have rejected other models or methodologies. Your conclusion should be solution-oriented and evocative.


This segment is written at the end of it all; even if it is placed in front. It presents a cursory snap of all that succeeds in writing. It also gives a vivid declaration of your patterns; your choice of subjects and the way you have etched your methods.

Thorough proofreading

You cannot miss out on proofreading the term paper thoroughly. This will help you cull out the unnecessary segments and glorify the positives. Ideally, you should proofread with a fresh mind or let others do it for you.