Creating A Good Term Paper Introduction: 5 Simple Rules

Introduction is a very important part of your term paper because it serves to engage readers to continue reading it. Also, it serves to introduce the main idea of the term paper. You have to take the term paper introduction seriously. There are several rules that you should bear in mind when writing an introduction. Read them carefully:

  1. Content of the introduction
  2. Your essay introduction should always contain the following:

    • - Hook – Be specific when you write the introductory paragraph of your essay. This is a description, narration of a short dialogue or a story, in other words illustration to engage further the reader.
    • - Transition – This is a sentence that is related to the hook and the thesis which comes after it.
    • - Thesis sentence – The thesis is always at the end of the introductory paragraph and it summarizes the overall point of the essay.
  3. Write the introduction at the end
  4. Don’t worry if you are not able to write it when you start writing the essay. You can write your research paper introduction at the end, after you finish the whole paper and you know what to include there.

  5. Include your main points
  6. The introductory paragraph should introduce the reader to the topic, and that’s why you have to be careful and include all the main points that are mentioned in your term paper. However, do not reveal everything since it should be engaging for the reader.

  7. Make the introduction interesting to read
  8. In order to catch readers’ attention you have to create interesting introductory paragraph. You can make it more interesting in several ways:

    • - Story – Think out of the box and open your essay paper with a short story that is of course related to the whole essay.
    • - Specific details and statistics – Give specific details about the topic you are writing for, such as data analysis or research details to create visual picture of the paper.
    • - Quotation – Analyzing a quotation that is related to your term paper topic is a good way to keep the reader interested in reading your essay.
    • - Question – You can open the introduction of term paper with a question revealing the answer of that question further in the paper.
  9. Keep the introductory paragraph short and concise
  10. Do not go into any unnecessary points and statements in the introduction. Be as short and possible, avoid grammar mistakes and ensure the paragraph is concise and flows from one sentence to another.