Top 22 Research Paper Topics For Social Psychology Students

As a student taking a social psychology class, you might be asked to write a research paper at some point in time. When this happens, it is really important that you have some good ideas to work with. The following are some research paper topics that you can present for your paper:

  1. Discuss the pressures that adolescents face when it comes to social life
  2. Explain what affluenza is, and how it affects those who share a given culture
  3. In social learning, discuss the importance of Albert Bandura, and the legacy that he left behind
  4. Discuss some of the short and long term effects of alcoholism
  5. Explain how altruism is important in the determination of an individual’s behavior
  6. Which are the factors that affect the attitude change programs in an individual?
  7. Explain what brings about attractiveness, and why these differ from one person to the other
  8. Discuss the bystander effect and how it affects pro-social behavior
  9. Discuss how bullying affects the learning environment
  10. What is the meaning of a caffeine culture?
  11. Based on the concept of social comparison, discuss the importance of a career status
  12. Families stand for one another all the time. Explain the importance of caregiving
  13. Discuss what makes a charismatic leadership style different from the others
  14. Explain how parents can make their kids happy without the material belongings
  15. Discus the concept of environmental psychology
  16. Explain how prejudice manifests in the society, and how it is associated with contact hypothesis
  17. Gender stereotypes have been a real thorn in the side of a lot of institutions. There are so many who are denied their opportunity to serve because they belong to a specific gender, even though they are clearly qualified. Discuss.
  18. Explain how social perceptions can make the difference between what and individual things they can do and what they are actually able to do
  19. Discuss the challenges that are associated with social intelligence, and how these can be overcome
  20. Cite 5 physical stereotypes and explain what makes them really important. Discuss how these can also be overcome and the benefits of doing so
  21. Gender roles and gender responsibilities are two different things. Discuss citing relevant examples, some of the differences between them
  22. Discuss what cognitive dissonance is about, and how important it is to understand it.