Top 18 Zoology Research Paper Topics You Should Explore

It is not very difficult to write research paper on zoology. Zoology is about the study of animals. So it is easy to write research paper. It is such a subject that in which you no need to memorize anything. Rather you will get interest to read about them. You may see documentaries subject chosen by you. You no need to spend time in reading books.

18 top zoology paper topics that may attract you to write.

  1. Animal that you like most
  2. As you have come across many times in your study so it is not difficult for you to choose your favourite animal. It will be pleasant to read about the animal as you know everything about the animal.

  3. Uncommon pregnancy
  4. Most of people are unaware of this facts that male can give birth to child. You may know about the uncommon pregnancy in animal where pregnancy is carried by male not by the female.

  5. Animals become victim of beauty products tests
  6. If you like animals then this topic will be good for your paper. You can help those animals by giving solution to problem.

  7. Extinction of the species
  8. Due to pollution existence of many species are in danger. Rise of pollution has threatens the existence of the animals.

  9. Hunting of the animals
  10. Animals are hunted for various reasons. They have to suffer from the cruel act of human being.

  11. Killing of animal for cloth In spite of having so much option of cloth is it necessary to kill animals.
  12. How to identify herbivorous and carnivorous animals.
  13. Some people eat octopus even alive. It should be banned to save their life.
  14. Government should implement new and effective law against the animal abuse.
  15. There is existence of uncommon animals. They kill the People only to touch them.
  16. Make a close study on the life of penguins and their speciality.
  17. How albino animals are differ from other.
  18. Which animal is considered as smartest animal?
  19. Is it possible for human beings to eat vegetarian and avoid meat?
  20. A finding on the existence of dinosaurs.
  21. Dog is as a faithful and sincere servant animal.
  22. Which animal is considered as most powerful animal?
  23. There are some animal lovers who are totally different. They make pet some exotic animals like tiger or crocodiles. Should it be allowed?