List Of Great Research Paper Topics On Current Social Issues

The society that we live in is not the best so far, but it is what we have. We may wish for things to be different, we may wish for some bad thins not to happen, but then again, in order to maintain the balance in the world good and evil must all exist in equal measure. At least that is what the philosophers will tell you or make you believe. A lot of the stuff that goes on in the world around us happens in relation or in reaction to some decision by someone or some people. There is always someone making a decision somewhere and some people reacting to it in one way or the other. This is what makes a complete society.

When you are asked to come up with awesome research paper topics on social issues that are plaguing the world around you, it is important for you to pay attention to the society that you live in. There are students that take this as a chance to show the teacher how well-versed they are with the current issues. This is a good thing, however, most of them will fail. The paper does not ask you to show the teacher how good you are at keeping up with the stuff that has been happening on CNN, it asks you to look into your closest society and discuss the issues that manifest around you. This is a classic example of what happens when a student gets overzealous and puts too much effort into a paper than they were supposed to in the first place.

The following are some simple ideas that you might look into:

  • How we can tackle pollution and reduce it in the society
  • Discuss the problem of prostitution with small girls getting into this at an early age
  • Explain how street gangs are destroying the lives of small kids by recruiting them into their armies
  • Discuss the importance of getting an education and how this benefits the society you live in directly
  • Children always learn from what they see their parents doing. Discuss with relation to the society that you live in
  • Explain the role of politics in some of the developments or lack of developments in the society that you live in
  • Define child labor and explain citing examples with respect to the society you live in