The 20 Best Research Paper Topics About Twins For High School Students

There are certainly endless possibilities to consider when studying the unique relationship that twins have in our world. This provides a great opportunity for high school students to understand better the unique dynamics that twins might have when compared to siblings that were born years apart, yet the sheer amount of information available might make it difficult to decide upon a topic that is both interesting and suitable. In consideration of this, the following list of 20 possible research topic related to twins has been developed specifically to help high school students accomplish this task.

  • Are twins more likely to be left-handed when compared to the general population?
  • Do certain regions of the country have a higher incidence of twins being born than other regions?
  • As there are actually 7 different types of twins, what are the other types also to identical and fraternal twins?
  • Are twins always born on the same date, immediately after one another?
  • What is the likelihood that twins have the same father, and how does it happen that a different father can parent each twin that is born?
  • Why do identical twins have different sets of fingerprints, and what is the significance of this?
  • Study mirror image twins and explain why roughly 25% of identical twins fall into this category.
  • Why do identical twins have nearly identical and similar patterns within their brainwaves?
  • Study the Twins Day festival that takes place in Twinsburg, Ohio and discover the significance of this location.
  • How are that twins often develop their own language, known as idioglossia, and why is this different than that of communication patterns established amongst other types of siblings?
  • How does it come to be that twins share the same DNA, but they are not necessarily identical?
  • What is the medical explanation, syndrome if you will, for the fact that some identical twins can be of different sexes?
  • Is it possible that a change in diet can increase one’s chance of giving birth to twins?
  • Why fraternal twinning genetically is predisposed, yet identical twinning is actually quite random?
  • What leads many fraternal twins to have dramatically different skin colors?
  • What leads some twins to have different gestational ages?
  • How do birth rates amongst twins differ, and what is the heaviest set of twins known to be born to this point?
  • What leads twins that are separated at birth, only to be reunited later in life, to have a similar personality and interest sets once they meet?
  • Is it possible that the number twins being conceived actually outnumber the actual number of twins being born?
  • Why is it believed that the incidence of twin types and genders are rather symmetrical?
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