Creating A Research Paper Introduction- 8 Questions To Consider

The introduction for your research paper is very important. It has to explain the topic that you are writing about, catch your reader’s attention, and explain the purpose of your paper. You need to make sure that you give your reader enough information on the topic so that they can understand the paper even if they have never heard about it before. That means that you may need to define some topic specific terms and give a good history on the topic. You will want to write the first paragraph of the introduction on the background information and then a second introductory paragraph that gives specific information needed to understand your paper.

You will need to start out the paper with something that catches the reader’s attention. It can be an interesting quote or fact about your subject. It is the best way to get your reader’s attention and start your paper. There are some questions that you should answer about your subject to help you write an excellent introduction for your paper.

  1. What information does your audience need to understand the rest of your paper?
  2. What is the main focus of your paper?
  3. What terms need to be defined for your audience to understand the topic?
  4. Who is involved in the issue?
  5. What are some interesting things that will catch your attention?
  6. Will you have enough information on this topic to conduct a solid research?
  7. Are there things that you want to know about your topic?
  8. Can you summarize the paper in one or two solid sentences?

You will start by asking yourself these questions. The information that you get from these answers will help you write an excellent introduction. You will need to know what the main focus of your paper is so that you can write an excellent thesis statement to catch the gist of your paper. It will also help you decide if the topic that you have chosen for your paper will work. You don’t want to get half way in and realize that you won’t be able to write your paper on that topic because there isn’t enough information to support it. It is one of the worst things that you can do.

It is essential to make plans and determine whether your topic can sustain a paper of this magnitude.