How To Write A Body Of A Research Paper In The APA Format

The American Psychological Association, commonly abbreviated as APA, denotes the uniform mechanism of academic writing that most universities follow. It is as on date the most widely used academic writing style for writing academic and research papers.

No matter whether you are writing a research paper on mathematics, economics or criminal justice, following APA style and mechanism is an imperative for you. While many students complain that following the APA format and style is a tad too difficult compared to MLA and other style formats, the guidelines below will surely help you write the body of your research paper in the same format.

Starting to write

Start writing the body your research paper. Writing the body in APA format is nothing but reformatting the text using your word processer once you are done with the writing part. In this part (this is the immediate next part after the abstract, on a new page). Include the page number and header, write the title of your research paper again and start writing. Double space the paragraphs and line breaks and make the paragraphs indented in the very first line of each paragraph.

The main sections of the body of the research paper

In an APA style research paper, the body of the text is divided into four sections, introduction, methodology, results and last but not the least, discussion. Assign an appropriate title to each section in bold font and realign the titles to centre. Keep in mind that the title to the introduction will actually serve as the title of your paper. Only the titles should be centrally aligned. Subheads should be left aligned and should be made bold. For results section, no subheads are required and the same applies to the discussion section.

Keep in mind the basics

You need to leave margins on each side of the page (one inch is enough). You should use Times New Roman font 12 pt throughout the body of the paper, and throughout the paper for that matter. The body usually begins on page three. Subsections of the paper body are not required to be started on new pages. The title of the paper should be centred. You should not use red or other colours and should not underline. Instead, use black Times New Roman font and choose justified alignment for the text, except in headings.