How To Finish An MLA Research Paper Concluding Paragraph?

While using the suggestions from this article keep in mind that these are only suggestions not strict rules, which you have to follow. Try to be flexible and use the guidelines from your University/college advisors and your future readers. Therefore, you have almost finished your research paper, and the only thing that has left is the conclusion part. The conclusion's part only goal is to wrap up your topic, that has been being discussed during the whole assignment. During the writing process, you have been moving from general information in your introduction part to more exact data in the body paragraphs. Now it is time to state the general information and the main points from the intro part to wrap up everything, however, try to avoid repeating word by word every single statement from the introduction. Depending on the topic, the conclusion part can include the calls for action or overview the future possibilities of the described theme. The next couple of advices can somehow help you to conclude your MLA research paper. 

  • - Firstly, try to restate the main ideas of your topic and why it is worth reading and writing about. In general manner try to explain to your future readers the main points and if the topic is suitable enough try to set a call for actions to solve the described problems. 
  • - Secondly, restate your thesis statements or claims from the intro part. However, be careful not to occur again.
  • - Then, try to direct the opposing arguments and, distinctly explain to your future readers why they should agree and follow your point of view. 
  • - Finally, to wrap up your conclusion part of the MLA research paper, give a brief overview of the prospective and research possibilities in the future. 

You can be sure, that as soon as you will finish all these tasks, (however, don't forget to accomplish the instructions given by your tutor), your MLA research paper is finished. Caution, try not to include a lot of new information in the conclusion. It is also forbidden to add some new facts and statements in the conclusion part. It is no use to discover America or solve global problems in the last sentence. It has to be clear and convincing for your readers. 

There is a practical formula that will help you to write the whole research paper: Tell your readers what you going to tell them (the intro party); tell them the whole information (body paragraphs); tell them what you have already told (conclusion).