Best Research Paper Topics: 20 Social Issues You Can Write About

The list of social issues topics to write can can be quite extensive, mostly because there are lost of different types of people in the world. This may make it quite difficult to find a topic you wish to write on since you have so many options. One thing to always remember is that you must select a topic that you can acquire information on, at the very least, this will ensure that you have material to work with.

When conducting research, you best bet is to do research that will benefit society, or even a small group of people, in some positive way. The following is a list of 20 good research paper topics dealing with social issues for you consideration:

  1. The difference between feminism, equality and equity in our society today and the possible effects.
  2. How many different levels of discrimination exist in society and what are their effects on the individual?
  3. How are our goals and dreams different as teenagers growing up compared to when we become adults with responsibilities?
  4. What are the factors that define the criminal activity levels of any one community?
  5. What are the main reasons for the existence of homeless people and can anything be done by society to eliminate this occurrence?
  6. Should we limit ourselves to socially acceptable activities or should each person be allowed to defend and express themselves as they see fit?
  7. How strong is the influence of economic factors on the way people from different walks of life interact with each other when they meet?
  8. Why is allowing underprivileged persons to suffer not a crime?
  9. Why is the pyramid structure of wealth acquisition allowed to continue in our world?
  10. What do bullies become when they grow up?
  11. Does bullying exist only at the school level?
  12. Should feminists be obligated to assume all jobs that men have in all industries to help them in their cause?
  13. Do urban areas produce less sociable people that countryside locations?
  14. How fair are marketing activities to the average consumer?
  15. Should pornography be considered a viable source of income for women with little or no marketable skills?
  16. Should governments employ more policies to control population growth?
  17. Is possible that many viral epidemics are man made in hope of securing a new world order?
  18. Is it fair to men that they are required to fight in wars?
  19. Are arranged marriages a thing of the past?
  20. Do sociopaths have a place in society?