Creating A Decent Outline For Research Paper Presentation

Research papers are a common thing in all facets of education. Formulating papers can be quite an easy task sometimes, but in some cases the beginnings can be challenging. The outline of your work is vital to the success of the work you put into creating the paper and as such there is a great need to create an outline that will out at an advantage. The outline basically just introduces your work to the audience and as such it should be relevant and catchy in its own way. To ensure that your introduction is outstanding, there are certain things you should put into consideration:

Statement of the problem

As the outline is the introduction to your work, it needs to state exactly what the research was for. You should carefully outline the problem you set out to investigate and solve. In the outline, try to convince the audience why the problem is of significance and as to why you think it should be addressed. You need to state some facts that back up your need to solve the issue. Through this, you are set to capture the attention of your audience.

Creating an overview

In this section you need to give the audience a sneak peek into your work. Introduce them to the methods that you used to investigate. Inform of the methods you used to acquire information and from where you find your information. Be careful to be brief in this section. This section is meant to give the audience a map out of your work so that they know what to expect.

Research relation to other similar studies

The study that you have carried out might be an extension of another research that was done earlier, therefore, you need to relate the two. You need to convince your audience why you saw the need to refine the earlier work and the probable errors that you mean to correct from the old study.


Assume the audience is not informed about the research and its specifics. Try to explain briefly the words you use. You should be cautious though not to explain things that are too obvious as this might offend your listeners. Do not use too many big words as the research is aimed at solving a problem, not showing off your grammar skills. Be enthusiastic in your study outline. Use a friendly tone always.