Ten Amazing Topic Ideas For Your Next Research Paper

An amazing research paper begins as a brilliant idea. What qualifies as a brilliant idea?

  • - Original- this is an idea that has not been studied extensively or overtaken by events. It adds new information or a refreshing dimension to an issue. Such an idea is impressive to read and captivating to the mind.
  • - Unique- unique ideas stand out among numerous other topics. When the entire class is focusing on common topics or a particular area, yours captures the attention of the supervisor because it is uniquely worded or provides a new perspective to what was considered a dead area of study.
  • - Fresh- instead of writing on areas that other scholars have studied for years, you are required to explore new ideas. Such ideas can be gotten from the following areas
  • - Personal encounter- this is an experience that is exclusive to you. It means that the information you are going to share will only be known to you. It gives your reader a chance to see the world through your eyes.
  • - Trending topics- trending topics are fresh on the minds of readers and listeners. Focusing on these topics gives you a chance to feed a curious audience or readership with facts that may not be available in the public domain. You also have the advantage of negating misconceptions and correcting misinterpreted facts through an academic paper.
  • - Research- read widely and identify loopholes that are yet to be exploited by researchers. Provide a fresh perspective other than what is commonly known.
  • - Strong- the strength of an idea depends on the facts available. Pick a topic whose facts are easily available.

Here are some of the brilliant ideas for your next research paper

  1. Cyber-security measures contravene human freedoms
  2. E-businesses are unethical for taking away jobs
  3. Crusaders are driven by self interest
  4. Glass ceilings no longer exist for women
  5. Outsourcing companies should pay more taxes
  6. White collar crimes are responsible for declining economic potential of most workers
  7. Acquaintance rape should be considered a lesser crime
  8. Bang should be legalized to make it less attractive
  9. Prisoners do not benefit from confinement
  10. Distance education should be abolished for its anti social effect

Strong research paper ideas are usually driven by passion. Choosing an amazing topic for your paper will make it interesting to write and captivating to read for your lecturer. A brilliant idea must be supported by facts and thorough research.