A Collection Of Interesting Research Paper Topics In Molecular Biology

Are you taking up a course in molecular biology but you to not have the slightest idea on where you can get a really good molecular biology research paper topic for your work? You do not need to worry so much about this. There are lots of awesome topics from where you can choose to work on your paper. With a good research paper topic, you'll barely ever have to worry about the work that you are supposed to do.

The following are some awesome ideas that you can present for your work as you attempt to score better grades:

  • Discuss the concept of the utility of nucleic acid
  • Explain the importance of molecular biology
  • Discuss how the changes in temperature affects the membranes of beetroots
  • Discuss the correlation between prions, bacteria and viruses
  • Explain the evolutionary development of molecular biology over the past decade
  • Explain how molecular biology has played a role in the application of the insulin hormone
  • Discuss the important role that biofilm plays in the world today
  • With an emphasis on genetic sequencing and evolutionary biology, discuss some of the milestones that have been achieved in the world since the World War II
  • Over the years there have been different arguments in favor of and against molecular cloning. Discuss the concept of molecular cloning, citing some of the benefits and challenges that these studies have on the society.
  • Explain how molecular biology principles are important in dealing with some of the most common challenges that we come across in the world
  • From your perspective, discuss some of the main reasons why antimicrobial resistance has become an important line of study in molecular biology, citing some of the important milestones that have been achieved in this regard.
  • Discuss the importance of current studies in resistant nosocomial pathogens. Mention some of the high profile breakthroughs that have been achieved in the industry so far
  • Discuss the molecular diagnosis of some of the current emerging infectious diseases which makes them different from the same strain some time back
  • Discuss the future of molecular biology as a field of study
  • Assume you are to give an inspirational talk to students who are about to choose their study fields. Discuss some of the key issues that you would address for them to be able to choose molecular biology as a career choice.