Interesting Research Paper Topics For High School: Expert's Choice

Interesting Topics = Fantastic Essays

Do you want to write a research paper that will wow your instructor and that will be a fun learning experience for you? The trick to finding great topics for essays is simple – research topics and spend as much time choosing that topic as you do perhaps outlining the essay. Spending some time selecting your topic, even if you feel as if you are wasting time, is actually saving you time. Why? That’s because you will spend less time trying to force yourself to begin writing if you cannot wait to begin writing. See?

Pick a Topic You Are Excited About and Know Something About Already

If you are excited about your topic, your enthusiasm will shine through to your reader. And it will make them excited to read your paper as well. The only thing to be careful about is too much emotion—emotion is always dangerous for objectivity and structure’s sake. Also, picking a topic you already know something about will cut down on a lot of research time and help you zero-in on exactly the topics you need really need to research.

Expert Topics for High School Essays—Editor’s Choice Issues/Topics that Will WOW your Reader and Instructor

Hobby-Related Topics

  1. Roller-skating (or another activity) Can Save Your Body—And Your Mind!
  2. Why Yoga is Beneficial for Sanity and Health
  3. How to Make the World’s Best Christmas / Holiday Ornaments
  4. How Coloring Can Be Beneficial to Adults
  5. Why We All Need Hobbies for Stress Relief

Great Topics that are Trending Now

  1. The Benefits of Art Therapy in Treatment/Psychiatric Centers
  2. The Benefits of Music Therapy for Elderly/Treatment Center Patients, etc.
  3. How Volunteering Now Can Make You More Successful Later
  4. What We are Now Learning About Organic Diets (Yes, They are Healthy)
  5. Organic Farming Can Save Our Planet

Health and Medical Issues that Are Interesting

  1. Are E-Cigarettes Helping Smokers or Harming Them?
  2. New Advancements in Organ Harvesting
  3. New Advancements in Hepatitis C Treatment/Cures
  4. New Methodologies for Fighting AIDS/HIV
  5. Should my teen/tween get the HPV Vaccine?

Music, Education, Entertainment, and Humanities Issues to Write About

  1. How Myth and Archetypes Influence Our Conceptions of Reality
  2. How Important is IQ For School Performance?
  3. How Important are Standardized Test Scores
  4. Will We One Day Get Rid of College Entrance Exams?
  5. Music Theory: Can it Help Us Appreciate Classical Music More