College Term Paper Topics On The Great Depression: Strong Ideas

The Great Depression was a sad period in the history of the United States. It was characterized by high levels of unemployment. However, this economic cataclysm is a very interesting subject for a term paper. Researchers investigate the Great Depression in order not to let something like this happen again. In this article, you will find a list of interesting topics on which you may focus your study.

  1. National security during the Great Depression.
  2. This economic disaster forced the government to pay more attention to domestic social and financial problems in comparison to military and defense. Investigate how the Depression changed the approach of the government to national security.

  3. Cultural development during the Great Depression.
  4. Despite the bad financial situation, many writers, filmmakers, and artists managed to create great works. Find some common themes and indicate what works were sponsored by the government.

  5. The New Deal.
  6. In your term paper, you may investigate how the domestic policy initiative of President Franklin D. Roosevelt affected the lives of people during the Great Depression. What can we learn from the New Deal today?

  7. The role of the Federal Reserve.
  8. Many researchers think that the Federal Reserve played a big role in causing the Great Depression. Investigate this topic and give your own answers to this question.

  9. Women during the Great Depression.
  10. Hard times forced women to work more in order to support their families. However, at that time, it was almost impossible for a woman to earn money on the same level with men. What were the other difficulties?

  11. Roosevelt was a dictator.
  12. Some modern researchers have come to the conclusion that President Roosevelt had dictatorial tendencies. Raise your arguments for or against this statement in your term paper.

  13. The Great Depression and The Great Gatsby.
  14. This novel, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, almost predicted the Great Depression. Compare the real economic disaster to the novel and find differences and similarities.

  15. The causes of the Great Depression.
  16. A period like the Great Depression couldn’t be caused by just one single factor. Research this topic in detail and present your findings.

  17. The effects of the Great Depression.
  18. This period left a huge mark on the history of the country. Investigate how the Great Depression affected the lives of future generations.

  19. The Great Depression and the current economic crisis.
  20. Compare the economic disaster of the 1930s with the global economic crisis that began in 2008. What are the similarities and differences?