Simple Ways To Make Your Psychology Research Paper A Success

Research papers and psychology class go hand-in-hand. Because they are assigned so frequently, the papers can get a bit repetitive for students and instructors. Fortunately, the field of psychology is still alive and well so new topics are continually available. With the wide variety of topics and clever writing techniques, you can turn a regular paper into something fantastic. Here are a few ideas to write a successful psychology research paper:

  1. Choose timely topic. When it comes to research papers in psychology courses, the topic is the most important thing. There are so many topics that have been overdone and by choosing one of those, you are setting yourself up for a low grade. If you want to find a timely topic, look at what major psychology magazines and journals are focusing on and find a clever angle to take on one of those topics.
  2. Craft a creative introduction. A great introduction can take any research paper a long way. Use a technique that you learned about in your writing class, like focusing on a related quote or using a short anecdote to the get the reader interested. Once your reader is hooked, he or she will read through the rest of your paper.
  3. Find strong sources. When you are writing a research paper, one of the best ways to support your topic is by using sources that cannot be proven wrong. If your sources are sketchy, then your argument will be weak, too. The best sources are from scholarly journals rather than blogs written by unknown authors. Other quality sources are from colleges and universities, where most of the psychology research is being conducted. Be sure you find where the source is from before you decide to use it. If you cannot find the writer of the article or the date it was published, then the source is weak and you should not use it.
  4. Pay attention to word choice. When you are busy writing a research paper, you are probably not thinking about the verbs you are using. But, if you want to write not just a successful paper, but a fantastic paper, your verb choices will make the difference. Instead of using boring “to be” or “to have” in your sentences, pick some exciting action verbs that really tell the story of the topic you have chosen.