A List Of Unique Research Paper Topics On European History

History lends itself, of course, to a plethora of topics to discuss. From World War One to World War Two, from Prime Ministers to politics in Europe, there are so many things to discuss.

Of course, Europe is a group of many countries, any of which you could focus your essay upon to keep it from going to many directions at once. You don’t want to try to tackle the whole of Europe in one short paper—or even one long group.

Europe is a Big, Big, Big Area—Narrow Your Focus First Through Geography

Among the many countries in Europe are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Poland Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom -- the list goes on and on—perhaps narrow your focus to one country in one historical moment in history to keep that focus narrow—no one can discuss everything. In fact, you could focus your essay on the British Punk influenced politics in the 1970s.

The Importance of a Narrow Focus

One thing you will notice as you consider different topics in European history, is that the most writeable papers will have a very narrow focus. You don’t want to title or focus your paper upon the big historical event of World War II—But perhaps the emancipation of the Jews after World War II.

All good professors will tell you a research paper or essay is impossible without, first, a very narrow focus. The research alone into a large geographical area, such as the United Kingdom or Russia, for instance, would be most definitely overwhelming—to say the least.

So choosing a narrow topic will help you focus both your research and your writing.

A Great List of Possible Topics in European History

  1. Britain in the 1960s—From the Beatles to the Stones
  2. British Music and its Influence on Politics in Any one Historical Period
  3. British Hippies in the 60s—How Did the Hippie Movement Differ Politically in Britain as Compared to America
  4. The English Witch Craze and Gender
  5. The Intersection of Art and Politics in Italy or France in any historical period or decade.
  6. Architecture—How Architecture Reflects a Country or State’s Political Shifts
  7. Technology and Architecture and (Pick any country/state in Europe) Today
  8. Fashion, Politics, and History—The Decade of ________ in (Pick an area in Europe)
  9. Empiricism and European History
  10. Imperialism: One of the Causes of WWI