A List Of Great Research Paper Topic Ideas In Economics

Research helps us to untangle the problems that befall on us. However coming up with a research topic can be one of the most difficult things. This is more so in the field of economics. It is a dynamic area of study that is growing and transforming day and night and therefore full of challenges. Many academicians have invested heavily in this field and they are out to unravel the mystery in this area through extensive research. In order to come up with a superb research topic, focus on what is trending now in the field. The following list of great research paper topic ideas in economics can be of help to those who wish to add value in this field that is an integral part of our lives today;

  1. The impact of online marketing on the economy.
  2. The impact of Zika virus outbreak on the global transport industry.
  3. What economic opportunities are arising from the climate change?
  4. What is the impact hacking on online economy?
  5. The impact of lifestyle diseases on the economy.
  6. The effects of interreligious conflicts on the growth of regional economy.
  7. The impact of political instability on the economy of African countries.
  8. How has the mobile technology contributed towards economic growth globally?
  9. What is the impact of devolved government on the economy of Kenya?
  10. The impact of immigration and emigration on the regional economy.
  11. How has the use of alternative renewable sources of energy impacted the economy
  12. What is the impact of tropical diseases on the economy of the tropical countries?
  13. What does the future hold with the increasing economic power of the Chinese?
  14. What role does the East Africa trade union play in improving the economy of the region?
  15. With the advent of many companies, how does global warming impact on the economy?
  16. What are some of the biggest challenges hindering the growth of the economy of a nation?
  17. How can a nation overcome the economic turmoil?
  18. Education as an important element in the economy growth of a nation.
  19. Corruption as a major setback in the growth of the economy of a country
  20. Challenges facing the 24 hour economy
  21. Factors that can immensely contributing to the raise of a dwindling economy.
  22. The impact of terrorism on the economy of tourism industry.