How To Find Interesting Research Paper Topics On Literature: Tips & Ideas

Literature is a large part of our lives and of our history so it is no surprise that there are many large buildings and companies dedicated to its discovery, study and preservation. As a researcher, you want to chose a topic that appeals to your interests, knowledge and experience and there are many ways to go about doing this. Here are some ideas on how to find interesting research paper topics in literature:

  1. Online forums
  2. Many enthusiasts spend large parts of their lives reading and discussing works of literature. Online forums are a place where people from all over the world can leave their comments or even entire papers for anyone to read and each type of topic has its own forum dedicated purely to that subject. If you do an online search using any search engine you can find forums dedicated to discussions about literature. Countless discussions are held here and they are sure to contain excellent original research topics ideas.

  3. Local and school libraries
  4. Libraries have been collecting books and papers for centuries and still continue to do so today, despite the more convenient tool called the computer. Visit your school or local library and take notes of what you see, look at the popular aisles, maybe even interview a couple of the patrons. A midst all these books, you are sure to find a good topic for your research on literature.

  5. High school professor
  6. Professors are well read individuals and they are sure to have valuable insights into the world of books. Talk to your language professors and ask them what they think about the current status of the reading industry, they are certain to provide you with some good ideas to research for your paper.

  7. Past students
  8. The school curriculum is often repeated year after year, this means students before you most likely had the exact assignments you presently do. The hardest part would be finding a past student but if you can, you are likely to get some good ideas from someone who has already done the research and has a list of awesome topics just lying around.

  9. Formulate your own
  10. If you are an avid reader yourself, you are sure to have made some observations during your experiences with different types of literature. Your original observation or ideas can quite possibly prove to be ground breaking so don’t be afraid to pursue an original idea or thought you may have.