The Top 12 Most Interesting Term Paper Topics On Psychology

Psychology is an interesting subject because it talks about the study of brain and its behaviors. The subject can be further sub divided into numerous categories and sub categories depending upon the subject of interest. It is important to note here that only humans but animals and plants also have psychology because they possess a brain. A term paper is an important academic assignment that requires the students to think critically and create a planned and well-organized paper after much review. This assignment is important because it contributes in your overall grade and helps the teacher in analyzing your understanding of the subject and concepts taught so far.

If you are to compose an effective term paper on psychology then the first thing you need is a strong topic. Some students even start writing their papers without a clear topic but they should at least have the basic idea of what their paper is about. This is important because the topic will define the overall scope and direction of your assignment. If you fail to address a significant problem in your topic then your paper would be worthless. You need to show your target audience that your paper is worth reading and it would add to their knowledge if they spend their time in reading and understanding your assignment. To be able to choose a good topic you need to do two things.


This process involves creating a list of all the possible ideas under your subject area. You do not have to give any second thoughts to the topics at this stage because you are only gathering ideas and you can edit and alter them later. A good method is to have a main them before starting the brainstorming to have narrowed down results.


This is the second step where you delete irrelevant and redundant ideas from your list to come up with the best topics.

Here is a list of interesting term paper ideas in psychology to give you a fair idea of what you need

  1. Free range parenting versus helicopter parenting
  2. How do plants feel fear and stress when an insect eats them
  3. The motivation to work
  4. Labor turnover and working conditions
  5. Social anxiety disorder
  6. Dual personality
  7. Criminal behavior
  8. Serial killers and nurture
  9. Injustice and crime
  10. Nymphomania
  11. Hydrophobia
  12. Post traumatic stress