A List Of 30 Funny Research Paper Topics For High School Students

Sometimes even writing a research paper can be a delight. When does it happen? Mostly when you have an interesting and funny topic to explore. It’s quite sad that most research papers are quite dull and serious, because funny research is much more interesting for students, still, the moment you get it can be your star hour.

So, if you need an outstanding funny paper topic for your high school research, you can find in in the list provided below.

  1. Can a cat flea jump higher than a dog flea does?
  2. Does a woodpecker ever have a headache due to constant knocking on wood?
  3. Is it true that mosquitoes like cheese and are attracted by its smell?
  4. How much feather will have equal weight with a kilogram of lead?
  5. Who tastes cat and dog food and is it really that yummy as providers claim?
  6. Is it safe to swallow swords in a circus?
  7. What will show more durability during a collision, a human skull or a beer bottle?
  8. What is the mutual influence between Lady Gaga and pop art?
  9. Is it true that even chicken can pick out more handsome people and show more desire to contact them?
  10. Bad memories vs good ones: how do bad memories influence our current life?
  11. Are pigeons really able to tell artwork by Picasso from Monet?
  12. What is navel lint? How is it created? How much can one person collect?
  13. How does cocaine affect bees and their ability to collect honey?
  14. Is it possible that unicorns do exist and that they can be discovered one day?
  15. Is it true that country music has a suicidal touch about it?
  16. Do ‘cabbies’ have bigger brains to be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously?
  17. Can a human fall in love with a robot?
  18. Is there any connection between the hair color and intellectual abilities?
  19. Reasons why men should never wear skinny pants.
  20. Reasons why school grades do not actually matter anything.
  21. Should the work week be shorter?
  22. Are horror films a good way to survive an adrenaline breakout?
  23. Reasons why you can be a better boss than your actual boss is.
  24. Why do people believe horoscopes?
  25. The funnies pickup tricks you have ever seen.
  26. Thumbs are fingers, too.
  27. Men live happier than women do.
  28. Why keep parents away from Facebook?
  29. Reverse discrimination.
  30. Why donate hair?