The Top 25 Interesting Term Paper Topics On The European History

European History is a fun class. It covers all areas of Eastern and Western Europe since the beginning of recorded history. Most students have to take a class on the subject. If you have to do so, you will need to write a few essays. Use our list of top 25 titles for the paper.

25 Interesting Term Paper Topics

  1. The Explorers-Drake, Magellan, and Columbus-where they went and what they accomplished
  2. The Catholic Church and the Medici’s-explore this famous family
  3. The Age of Enlightenment-when, where, how, and why
  4. The Age of Reason –why was it called this
  5. The Rulers of the Middle Ages-who ruled, who was the greatest, and who were the weaker kings
  6. The Black Plague and London-the deaths, rituals, and creepy songs of the Plague
  7. Smelly London-the Hygiene of Elizabethan Times
  8. Love in the Courts –who was sneaking around with whom and how courtship was conducted at court
  9. What were the Dark Ages and Why were they Dark
  10. The Troubadours-a Job Description
  11. Stratford-Upon-Avon and its Most Famous citizen-Shakespeare, where he was born, and where he retired
  12. The Ottoman Empire-what area did it span and how was it defeated
  13. The Byzantine Emperor Justinian-explore this great man
  14. The Spanish Inquisition-why and who
  15. Versailles-when was it built, how much did it cost, who lived there
  16. The Trenches of Belgium and World War I-trench warfare and what it did to the people and terrain of Belgium
  17. Mussolini and Hitler-what were they trying to do and how
  18. Hitler’s Art-how much art did his regime steal
  19. The Death Camps-explore the different concentration camps of Hitler
  20. Rasputin and the Romanovs-what really happened and why
  21. Charles de Gaulle –explore his world of politics
  22. Neville chamberlain Compared to Winston Churchill-a compare and a contrast
  23. Catherine the Great and Her Rule-what was accomplished and how
  24. Peter the Great and His Rule-the city and the man
  25. The Great Spanish Armada-the Travels and Defeats
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    Make sure to follow the teacher instructions, know how many sources are required, know how long the paper should be, and know which format you should use, MLA or APA. Always use your best writing skills and spelling. If you struggle with any of this, make sure to see your teacher or seek professional writing help.