How To Find Great Research Paper Topics About China And Japan

The first step to a great research paper is having enough time to check potential topics, narrow down a chosen one, and formulate your thesis statement. Having China and Japan as study subjects makes it more difficult to come up with a manageable topic idea and define the scope of your paper.

Suggestions on How to Find a Good Topic for Your Research

To prepare a strong assignment, it’s helpful to get a list of sample topics about different aspects of China and Japan relation, so follow the suggestions below:

Look through the course syllabus for research paper topics suggested by your instructor. Talk to your classmates who may know the websites with outstanding prompts to choose from. Consider something that interests you about China-Japan relations, e.g. security cooperation, trade competitiveness, or transport connection between the two countries. Ask the fellow students where they have found good sample topics for their papers and how they focused their works. Join a student forum and ask the community to help you come up with an interesting study question. Watch a movie about China and Japan to get inspired and figure out what you can write your assignment about. Use an online topic generator software if you have any keywords in mind.

After you have come up with a few potential topic ideas, you should do a brief literature study to clarify your prompt. Remember that you can slightly change it even after the paper is ready, so stay flexible and do not try to compose a perfect topic.

Risks of Using Free Sample Research Paper Ideas

Writing instructors recommend to brainstorm topic ideas for your assignment rather than search for the examples because there are a few risks involved. The first one is that free samples on the Web are available for every student, so one of your classmates may use the same prompt as you do. Most professors consider such a situation inappropriate and ask the students change topics and rewrite their papers.

The second nuance is that using an idea developed by someone else often leads to the plagiarism issue because the two documents often have similar structure and provide almost the same points, especially if the topic is narrow. Last but not least, a chosen example may not meet the requirements of your course, e.g. you may be asked to analyze China and Japan relationship exclusively in the 20th century or to pay attention to the beneficial side of the trade agreements.