The Key To Composing An Argumentative Research Paper On Legalizing Weed

The legalizing of weed has been a topic of controversy for many years, with many governments seeming to break in recent years. As a result, there are a large number of countries with differing states of legalization in existence, which seems to encourage other countries to consider the idea more seriously. This discussion has too sides, passionately arguing their point of view.

To write a paper on this subject, one must consider many angles, especially topic concerning abuse and safe usage. It is also helpful to make use of available guides and examples, to help you shape your paper in the most effective ways. The following points will provide you with several key points to help you compose a strong argumentative research paper on legalizing weed:

  1. Choose a catchy topic
  2. The topic choice makes all the difference in this paper and choosing one suited to your goals can be key to a successful publication. By making your topic both informative and provocative, you will not only be able to catch the attention of readers, you will also be able to inspire your contents to a more vibrant state.

  3. Formulate a hypothesis
  4. The hypothesis can have a significant effect on your contents as you will use it to formulate the way you approach the topic. You want to be very clear on what your thoughts on the subject are, as well as very clear on what must be found out, in order to make your statement true.

  5. Conduct research
  6. Research is a necessary step in any academic paper and you should be very careful just how you gather your data, the most important aspects of research is that the information presented must be accurate, with easily available references. Keep this in mind as you go about gathering data from your different sources.

  7. Choose a side
  8. To write an argumentative piece, the author must share one opinion or the other. To choose a side, one must be fully confident of their stance on the matter, as well as willing to show how their point of view should be treated as correct.

  9. Discuss why you believe what you do
  10. Your point of view must be supported soundly by your data and you must also show how the data is related to what you believe. This is your analysis phase and it is often very helpful to have a suitably qualified peer assist you with this phase.