Where To Go Looking For An Example Of A Research Paper Abstract In The APA Format

When writing research papers students also need to create abstracts for them. An abstract is a brief summary of a paper that helps readers understand what they should expect from it. Not all the students know how to write abstracts properly, so they need to look at some examples first. If you want to get an example of a good abstract in the APA format, you should read the tips below.

  1. Your teacher.
  2. A person who gave you an assignment to write a research paper is likely to have different materials that might be useful to you. Approach your teacher or instructor and ask him or her for help. There is a good chance that your teacher will provide you with a decent example of an abstract.

  3. Your college library.
  4. Libraries are often ignored by students nowadays. However, you shouldn’t make the same mistake. Libraries are valuable sources that store many works written by students. If you’re patient and thorough enough, you’ll be able to find excellent paper abstracts that have similar topics with your own future work.

  5. Writing centers.
  6. Academic writing centers are organizations that help students write various research papers. Some of them demand payment for their services and others are non-profit organizations. You may find such centers in your town and ask them to provide you with abstracts in the APA format for papers that are similar to your topic. Their staff usually consists of professionals, so you’re likely to get decent and reliable examples.

  7. Your college electronic database.
  8. It’s likely that your college or university has a database where works written by students are stored. All you need is to type the right keywords and you’ll get the list of papers that should be useful for you. Download them and look at their abstracts. These examples are likely to suit you perfectly.

  9. Student forums.
  10. You may always look for examples of abstracts in the APA format on the Internet. The best way is to go through forums where students discuss cases and share information related to research papers. If you’re lucky you’ll find there needed examples or links to useful websites. You may also start your own thread asking to provide you with whatever you need.

  11. Online writing companies.
  12. This is another type of good online sources. Writing companies demand payment for their services, but they will provide you with reliable examples of abstracts on any topic. Use these sources only as the last resort if you don’t want to spend money.